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Think before you consider a ‘Freelance Recruiter’ Opportunity…

Posted by sandhyaravii on May 28, 2012

Think before you consider a ‘Freelance Recruiter’ Opportunity…

Like most of the recruiters, i too had a curiosity to work as a freelancer. One and half years back when i was between jobs for few months, i wanted to test waters on it. I could see ‘N’ number of job ads through Naukri that few of the unknown companies are looking for Freelance Recruiters for their respective region. I had sent my interest to them and someone called me for a brief discussion. He introduced himself as a Branch Head and asked me why i will fit into the role they were looking for. My explanation satisfied him and he wanted the same in a documented way. I sent him a plan on how i will approach the corporates, source the requirements / profiles and fulfill it. Days passed by but there was no response from him. Later i came to know that they had implemented my plan using another person.

I wanted them to reimburse me on the calls i make, internet charges and transportation charges on meeting clients. May be someone would have accepted it for FREE. Then i understood that there are people in the market who will be exploiting our skills by showing a good percentage share. Once you place the candidate, you always will get a share. But why should you spend on the administration charges? There are lot of things to be considered before you accept a freelance assignment:

* Clients don’t look for your Brand Name. They give you assignments based on your approach and face value. So if you can build a relationship with the client to get a requirement, either the Placement Head has to appreciate your efforts and share you a good margin or you can do it on your own to gain all 100%.

* Don’t accept any freelancing assignments just because you are in a hurry or out of a job. The placement agencies gets your help to spread their wings in your region. Don’t get your skills exploited by someone else.

* You get a share on the placement charges, but your efforts need to be lauded with monetary benefits. You are not doing the services for free or in your name. While you promote their brand, they should support your administrative charges like reimbursement on your phone calls to the candidates and the clients, Internet charges on responding to the emails sent by Clients / Candidates and the Placement Agency, Transportation Charges to meet Clients and the Candidates.

* Don’t share any detailed recruitment plan with anonymous placement agencies. Get their website and go through it before accepting any offers. Check for forums on the reputation of the Placement agency.

* Think that you source a Client on the first month and get an assignment. You place a candidate by the next month and you get the placement charges after one more month. That means, your get a share only after 3 months. Before you get into a freelance assignment, you need be aware of this situation and it is not an immediate revenue spinner. Keep sufficient funds for survival and consider this opportunity.  

Think before you consider a Freelance Recruiter Opportunity…Manpower is not available for FREE of cost.


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